What’s in the News – June 2023

Stay in the know with some recent news updates relevant to business and the economy.

Air Canada says it gave ‘erroneous’ response on delays compensation

Air Canada says it will offer compensation to travellers who were affected by flight delays caused by technical problems in recent weeks. The airline, which had initially faced questions over messages reportedly sent to passengers saying they would not be entitled to compensation, has said its earlier response was “erroneous.”

Canadians fighting wildfires see hope in improving weather conditions

Rain in the forecast could soon offer some respite for those in eastern Canada dealing with wildfires by helping firefighters quench the flames and clearing some of the particles that are making the air smoky and hazardous.

Canada’s unemployment rate rose in May for the first time since August 2022

In May, fewer people were working in business, building and other support services as well as professional, scientific and technical services last month. Meanwhile, employment rose in manufacturing, other services and utilities. Forecasters say the Bank of Canada will have to see more softening in the economy before it takes it takes a step back from raising interest rates.

WestJet shutting down discount airline Swoop

Swoop planes and staff will soon join parent airline as WestJet shuts down its budget airline, Swoop. The airline anticipates a full integration into its mainline operations by the end of October.

Adjusting to higher interest rates

The Bank of Canada has increased interest rates based on evidence that points to excess demand in the economy persisting longer than expected, increasing the risk that inflation could get stuck above the 2% target. A lot of uncertainty remains, but it’s possible long-term interest rates will be higher in the coming years than what Canadians are used to.

Are Reusable Grocery Bags Any Better for the Planet Than Single-Use Ones?

The most common replacement for single-use grocery bags is the poly-woven variety, which feels like a cross between plastic and fabric. While it’s more durable than a traditional checkout bag, it’s still made from polypropylene or polyethylene, both of which are derived from fossil fuels. All in, the carbon footprint of a reusable grocery bag is equivalent to 109.2 kilometres of driving.

What is Temu? Shopping app that didn’t exist 4 months ago now a source of privacy concerns

Temu is a shopping app that was created four months ago and has become a source of privacy concerns. might be changing the game of e-commerce, however, experts say it’s also raising concerns about data privacy risks for Canadians.

The Canadian government is providing $5.5 million to create the Canadian Digital Media Research Network (CDMRN)

The Canadian Government is funding a media literacy research project to focus on understanding how Canadians interact with digital media and to “further strengthen Canadians’ information resilience by researching how quality of information, including disinformation narratives, impacts Canadians’ attitudes and behaviours and by supporting strategies for Canadians’ digital literacy.”

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