Weekly Digest – 8 March 2023

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Is the end of interest rate hikes finally here?

The Bank of Canada is set to meet on Wednesday to discuss interest rate hikes. Some analysts believe that conditions are finally right to pause the seemingly never-ending rises.

5 Canadians who are earning more by working for companies located outside of Canada

The pandemic changed how we work – mostly in our approach to where we are when we do that work. Canadian Business interviewed five people who have gained positions with international companies and now enjoy higher salaries and better benefits from the comfort of their own homes in Canada.

China is booming as Zero Covid approach ends

The Chinese economy is heating up, with manufacturing growing at its highest rate in a decade. The improvement is due to the widespread loosening of restrictions which brought millions of people back to work and bodes well for the world economy.

Salesforce appears to be on the rebound

Salesforce shares have gained over 25% this year, the most substantial year-to-date gain for a Dow Jones Industrial Average component. It’s a promising report from an industry that saw severe losses last year.

Tesla reports disappointing numbers

The company’s much-awaited Investor Day had nothing but lackluster numbers to report, with a drop of 8.3% last week – the biggest since January 3. Experts say that they lacked the metrics necessary to track progress accurately.

Startup focused on getting much-deserved bonuses to employees raises millions

Employee recognition is a crucial retention tool in a competitive job market. As a result, startups that facilitate merit-based rewards have gotten a lot of investor attention – to the tune of $18.9 million in the case of Bonusly.

6 ways to learn from a failed entrepreneurial venture

Failure in business can be scary, embarrassing, and emotionally draining, but it gives you a reason to get back up and try again. Here are six ways to learn and pivot from an entrepreneurial journey gone awry.

Don’t use ChatGPT for financial advice

AI is everywhere these days and proving to be quite helpful. However, it’s also often wrong. After prompting ChatGPT to produce a plan to purchase a $500,000 house, one expert warns that the chatbot should not replace a professional financial planner.

How business coaches can help you succeed

As an entrepreneur, you will face countless financial challenges and be surrounded by people who want to see you succeed but may not always lead you down the right path. Learn how employing a business coach can help steer you to financial success.

Toblerone is no longer Swiss enough to have the Matterhorn on its packaging

Mondelez, the US parent company of Toblerone, is moving some of its production to Slovakia. Because Switzerland has laws regulating the use of national symbols, the change could see the Matterhorn disappear from the packaging because it will no longer meet the country’s standard of ‘Swissness.’

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