Weekly Digest – 31 August 2022

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Home prices expected to continue dropping

A new TD Bank report released Monday suggests the average price of a home in Canada could fall between 20 and 25 per cent from its peak seen earlier this year. Rising mortgage and interest rates contribute to the prediction.

Climate events will cost the Canadian economy a lot in the coming years

A new report from GHD, a global engineering and architecture services firm, indicates that floods, droughts, and major storms could cost Canada’s economy $139 billion over the next 30 years.

Artemis is delayed, but Canada’s space industry will carry on

NASA was forced to postpone the Artemis launch on Monday, but Canada’s minister of innovation, science and industry François-Philippe Champagne says that won’t stop Canada’s space industry from blasting off. The mission may go ahead as early as Friday.

Ad-supported Netflix likely to cost quite a bit less than standard service

After teasing its ad-supported plan earlier this year, Netflix is apparently considering charging users between $7 to $9 for the tier. The lower cost service would feature 4 minutes of ads per hour. The expected prices are in US dollars and will likely be a bit higher in Canada.

US markets down after the Federal Reserve indicates it will continue to raise rates

US stock markets fell on Monday amid concerns the Federal Reserve will raise interest rates yet again. The chairman of the country’s central bank said hikes will continue as the country tries to stem rising inflation, which is at a 40-year high.

3 steps to telling your boss you’re experiencing burnout

Canadian Business has created a three-step guide on how to let your boss know that you’re experiencing burnout – a critical step to receive the support you need. Read the article here.

Majority of Canadians against eliminating best before dates, but over one quarter support it

Canada currently wastes an avoidable 8.79 million tonnes of potentially edible food every year – one of the worst offenders in the world. However, most people are against removing best before dates, which would save a lot of that food from going to waste.

Huge Canadian wheat crop expected to prop up world supply

A Monday report from Statistics Canada showed that Canadian wheat is expecting a bumper crop this year, up 55%. Traditionally the world’s seventh-biggest wheat producer, this year the rebound harvest will go a long way to bolster world supplies as the war in Ukraine continues.

Climate change brings commercial berry production to maple syrup-producing areas

Two of North America’s largest fruit sellers are testing commercial production of berries in Ontario and Quebec. The regions are typically better known for producing maple syrup, but extreme weather, local demand, and rising costs are making them viable berry-growing areas.

Pet supply sector anticipated to grow

Morgan Stanley estimates that a 4% increase in pet ownership has led to an 11% gain in per-pet spending, meaning pet-related stocks are prime for growth.

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