Weekly Digest – 17 August 2022

Welcome back to our Weekly Digest. Read on for the latest updates and some ideas to help us all move forward.

Better working conditions are more of a draw than financial incentives to retain healthcare workers

With continuing staff shortages in the health care sector, many wonder what it will take to attract and retain more workers in the field. Researchers explain why one-time financial incentives aren’t enough, and outline what it might take.

Where is the line when it comes to tipping?

The practice of tipping has long been debated as problematic, but it’s about to get worse. With the rising cost of living and inflation, many people are reporting “tip creep” – the expectation in a growing number of industries that a tip be part of each transaction.

Recession fears loom after Wall Street plunge

Retirements are at a record high, and some economists wonder if Canadians could retire themselves into a recession.

Cineplex makes a profit for the first time since the pandemic began

Eleven million people saw a movie at a Cineplex location during the last quarter, up from 1 million last year, resulting in a $1.3M quarterly profit for the chain.

CTA ruling to compensate travelers falls short

A recent Canadian Transportation Agency (CTA) decision was supposed to help customers who experienced flight delays, but so far the ruling has caused more headaches.

The CRA owes nearly 9 million of us money

The Canada Revenue Agency said Monday that it has roughly $1.4 billion worth of uncashed cheques on its books, some of which has been owed as far back as 1998. Find out if you may be one of the people getting a reminder to collect your money here.

Home sales back to pre-COVID levels

The housing market continued to cool last month, but had the smallest decline since the slowdown began five months ago.

New data suggests Chinese economy losing steam

China’s central bank cut interest rates on Monday as new data showed the economy slowing last month because of renewed Covid lockdowns and a deepening property downturn. Experts disagree on what this may mean for the global economy.

Paramount+ and Walmart+ strike a deal

Walmart has reached an exclusive deal with Paramount+ to offer the streaming service as part of its Walmart+ offering. Members will get an ad-supported version of the streaming service.

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