Weekly Digest – 15 February 2023

Welcome back to our Weekly Digest. Read on for the latest updates and some ideas to help us all move forward.

Bed Bath & Beyond is leaving Canada

Bed Bath & Beyond is closing all of its Canadian stores, resulting in the loss of just over 1,400 jobs. Analysts say the chain failed to evolve with the changing demands of their customers.

Champagne unveils CRTC direction as Rogers-Shaw merger nears completion

Minister of Innovation, Science and Industry Francois-Philippe Champagne says Canada’s broadcast and telecommunications regulator would focus on improving competition, affordability and consumer rights as part of a new policy direction.

WestJet announces more routes focused on western Canada

WestJet is expanding its network by adding new routes out of Edmonton International Airport and more flights to the United States. The new routes are part of its effort to focus on western Canada.

Rise in infant formula price cause for concern

In some stores, the price for a case of infant formula has risen from $60 to $75 in a matter of weeks. Experts say this is left over from the formula shortage last year, but the situation has become dire for some families.

Amazon takes half of each sale

New figures show that Amazon takes half of the profit that each small business makes on its Amazon Marketplace platform.

Ford is going to build more batteries in Michigan

Ford is investing US$3.5 billion to build a battery factory in Michigan that will produce low-cost batteries for some of its electric vehicles. The factory will use technology licensed from the Chinese battery company CATL.

Dawn Project calls for a government mandate to deactivate Tesla’s FSD until all defects are fixed

Tech CEO Dan O’Dowd spent over $600 million through his Dawn Project campaign to warn the public against Tesla’s Full Self-Driving feature in a Super Bowl ad. He calls it “the worst, most incompetently designed, developed, and tested automotive product on the market.”

Disney cutting 7000 jobs

Reinstalled Chief Executive Bob Iger is seeking to cut $5.5 billion USD from its annual costs to drive profits. He is also under pressure to make Disney+ profitable and find new ways to monetise the Disney catalogue.

Australian psychiatry professor seeks to redefine burnout

Gordon Parker, the founder of the Black Dog Institute, argues that burnout is not just a syndrome resulting from chronic workplace stress that has not been successfully managed. Instead, it’s a more wide-ranging condition that must be redefined to learn how to prevent it.

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