Blake Mithrush, Mithrush Development Group, “It’s been great working with Alvarez CPA”

When Mithrush Development Group started out in 2017, their accounting was done by Blake Mithrush, an owner and project manager with the company. As the company–which builds custom homes of all sizes–grew, their accounting needs became more complex.

“When we were smaller, it was just me fumbling through it,” Blake says. “Then we grew and we hired a subcontractor/bookkeeper. I think we just outgrew our previous bookkeeper and the capacity she could handle. We hit a ceiling.”

Choosing Alvarez CPA

Mithrush Development Group considered a variety of options, including hiring someone on staff to manage their accounting and bookkeeping. Blake says the companies he worked with before did their accounting in-house, but Mithrush Development wasn’t large enough to warrant an in-house team.

They also interviewed a few accounting firms before deciding on Alvarez CPA.

“After speaking with Nelson and the team, it seemed like working with them was the easiest way to grab the ball and keep rolling. We heard about them throughout the community and we also had some references from people’s personal experiences with them. It got us as close to having an in-house team as possible without actually having someone on staff. It’s given us access to accountants, bookkeepers, and everything we need, quickly.”

At first, Alvarez CPA started with simple tasks, such as basic invoicing. As Mithrush Development Group became more comfortable handing over accounting and bookkeeping tasks, new activities were passed to Alvarez CPA.

Accessing a knowledgeable team of advisors

“It’s nice because everything is with one firm. We can use their bookkeepers and accountants for invoicing and internal stuff. We can talk to Nelson, Jodi, or Gary, so there are a few people we can access when we have questions.”

Among the benefits of working with Alvarez CPA are the freed-up time and the ability to develop processes as necessary to meet Mithrush Development’s needs. Additionally, Blake says working with an accounting firm enables him to access services when he needs them, and dial back when he doesn’t, which he wouldn’t be able to do with an in-house team. Finally, it enables him to scale his business.

“When you start a company, you want to do everything yourself. It’s hard to relinquish tasks, but I know I’m doing them less effectively and slower, and it’s costing more in the end. Giving those tasks to Alvarez CPA was a breath of fresh air. It frees up my time and we’ve been able to tweak things until they are perfect. We have things how we want them. It’s been great working with them.”